The Interior Design Trends in 2021

Sunday Jan 03rd, 2021


This look is a crowd-pleaser, appealing to anyone who loves their modern home comforts but wants to inject some character details into their living spaces, too. It works ideally in homes that already have some interesting features, such as exposed beams, original floorboards, or paneled walls.

The selection of two independent colors highlights how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting, conveying the idea that it’s not about one color or one person, it’s about more than one.

2021 is the year to incorporate a soothing space in your home. Try adding a water feature, plants, and a rock garden to a quiet, comfortable area in your home. Or transform your bedroom into a truly restful space by investing in some good quality bedding, blackout curtains and dimmable lighting.

To make your home multi-functional, look for furniture that’s easy to move or fold away. Pieces with hidden storage or that can be used for something additional will also help you get more from your space.

Maybe it’s because we’re not spending as much time outside, but people are bringing the outdoors in. Decor and furnishings that help create a connection to nature will continue to be at the forefront of interior design in 2021.

It’s time to say goodbye to grey wood and welcome a fresh, lighter look. With so many white walls and black and white color palettes, we need a way to warm things up. Beautiful whitewashed and light-toned woods are the perfect solutions. They bring texture and warmth to space while still keeping that light, airy feeling.


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